Fringed by the finest beaches in the Dodecanese, dwarfed beneath mighty crags, and blessed with lush valleys, Kos is an island of endless treasures. Visitors soon become blasé at sidestepping the millennia-old Corinthian columns that poke through the rampant wildflowers – even in Kos Town, the lively capital, ancient Greek ruins are scattered everywhere you turn, and a mighty medieval castle still watches over the harbour. With long sandy beaches, a balmy climate and monuments from various historical eras, Kos was among the first Aegean islands to attract visitors –during the 1930s, under Italian rule. Despite its touristic role, Kos is in fact one of the most fertile Greek islands, with rich volcanic soil and an adequate water supply from its single mountain range. Kos island is a highly popular holiday destination in Europe with a stunning coastline that any visitor should take the opportunity to explore. Apart from the rich history and culture, Kos has gained a great reputation for those looking for a holiday where partying is the main priority. It's an ideal destination for both families and singles. The hospitable people, the very good standard of accommodation and the delicious local food, will certainly make you visit Kos again and again.

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